Edition 23 — Fatigue in nursing and midwifery

Welcome to the Nurse & Midwife Support newsletter. In this issue we’re talking about how to beat fatigue in nursing and midwifery. Fatigue can undermine your connection to others, capacity for joy and healthy sleep patterns. There’s no single silver bullet solution that will work for everybody, but in this issue we’ll try different strategies you can try to tackle fatigue and support yourself to increase your energy.
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Fatigue in nursing and midwifery

In this issue
handling fatigue   Celeste Pinney & Elle Brown: Nurses and midwives handling fatigue

In this edition of the newsletter we’re discussing strategies to handle fatigue and exhaustion.

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why am i so tired_low   Elle Brown: Why am I so tired?

Elle Brown examines how nurses and midwives can bring energy into their lives.

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fight fatigue  

Celeste Pinney: Fight fatigue in nursing and midwifery

Celeste explains why nurses and midwives should advocate to optimise their roster for better sleep.

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Healty Eating  

Podcast: Healthy eating through fatigue with Audra Starkey

The Healthy Shift Worker Audra Starkey joins the podcast to discuss how we can prevent and treat fatigue.

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Talk to us

If you're experiencing challenges related to Fatigue in nursing and midwifery and want to talk about it, we're here. Call our national confidential support line 24/7 on 1800 667 877 or email us. The service is anonymous, confidential, and free. 

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