Edition 19 — Get ready for your grad year

Graduate nurses and graduate midwives: welcome to the Nurse & Midwife Support newsletter. Congratulations! You’ve been working hard and you’ve completed your Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery. Take a moment to feel proud of this career milestone: your registration as a nurse/midwife. We’re proud of you and excited for you.

This issue is full of tips, strategies and resources to help you prepare for the year ahead.
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A pair of graduate midwives take a selfie

In this issue
a smiling young nurse  

Mark Aitken: Your 12-point plan for graduate year success
Mark welcomes graduate nurses and midwives to the profession and offers a 12-point plan to guide you along the path ahead.

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a group of young nurses chatting with clipboards  

Celeste Pinney: Our tips to thrive in your grad year 
Life as a graduate can be intimidating, but there are steps you can take to help you thrive.  Nurse & Midwife Support clinician Celeste Pinney shares our tips to get you through the year. 

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a graduate nurse standing in front of his colleagues  

Celeste Pinney: FAQ: Answers for graduate nurses and graduate midwives
Celeste answers the questions that we hear over and over from graduates who want to succeed in their new profession. 

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headshot of podcast guests, graduate nurses Francis and Robyn  

Podcast: Stories of the graduate year with Francis and Robyn 
Recent graduates Robyn and Francis join the Nurse & Midwife Support podcast to share their insights, experiences, tips and strategies for navigating your graduate year.

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headshot of podcast guest Joanne Purdue  

Podcast: A Graduate Coordinator’s advice for new grads with Joanne Purdue
Experienced former Graduate Coordinator Jo Purdue joins the podcast to share her passion for supporting graduate students, along with guidance for the year ahead such as why it’s a good idea to do a graduate workshop before or early in the year.

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Express your interest in joining the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program for New Graduates

Banner: Apply now for the mentor program

We're currently seeking expressions of interest from nurses and midwives interested in participating in the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program for New Graduates. This 2-year pilot program will connect new graduates (mentees) with mentors. This program will commence in March 2023 and focuses on building nurturing and collaborative relationships to support new graduates during the initial phase of entering the workforce, enhancing early career wellbeing and connectedness to the profession of nursing and midwifery. 

Are you interested in being a mentor or mentee? Find out more about the program.


Talk to us

If you're nervous about your graduate year and you want to talk about it, we're here. Call our national confidential support line 24/7 on 1800 667 877 or email us. The service is anonymous, confidential, and free. 

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