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Burnout and beyond with Athol Hann

Burnout is something that many nurses and midwives experience in their career. In this episode we talk to Athol Hann, a registered nurse, about his experience of burnout, what he did to move past it, and what others can do to avoid it.

Protecting ourselves from burnout

Finding ways to prevent burnout can be can be really important for nurses and midwives at different stage of their career. Tessa Moriarty shares some helpful strategies and resources to help.

Exercising through disruption

Amy Benn registered nurse, fitness guru and founder of Wholeheart Magazine has kindly shared some wonderful information about finding your motivation for fitness and lots of options that you can try.

Stepping into spring and returning to exercise

Welcome to the spring 2020 exercise edition of the Nurse & Midwife Support newsletter. Many exercise routines have been disrupted or dramatically altered as a result of navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussing suicide with Jon Tyler and Paul McNamara

In this podcast we discuss the issue of suicide among nurses and midwives with social worker Jon Tyler and Mental Health Nurse Paul McNamara, including contributing factors and what to do if you suspect a friend or colleague is at risk.