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Dealing with stress during crisis with Sam Eddy

Mark Aitken discusses the prospect of COVID-19 with Mental Health First Aid expert Sam Eddy. They talk about the importance of acknowledging emotional and physical responses to stress when crisis occurs and how to implement strategies in response.

Fill your cup with self-kindness

We seem to value kindness highly in the caring professions, and yet we don’t teach it in undergraduate programs and it has not been widely researched. When we do research kindness, we usually examine the ripple effects of kindness that is directed outwards.

A season of kindness

Kindness is important all year round, but we often devote special attention to it as we prepare to celebrate festive holidays. Often at this time of year, many people need connection to acts of kindness that bring joy and comfort.

The kind of nurse I want to be

As a student, my most anxiety-provoking clinical practicum was my theatre placement. Coming into my fourth semester, I still found nurses in general intimidating, but theatre nurses invoked a new kind of fear in me.

Kindness matters

Most nurses and midwives would agree that kindness is critical. Kindness makes a considerable difference to the emotional wellbeing of people at times when they are often most vulnerable.

The Importance of Kindness

In our Summer podcast, we discuss all things kindness with Zoe Youl and Elle Brown and why this very important human quality matters to nurses and midwives.

Finding your nutrition recipe

Welcome to the Spring 2019 edition of the Nurse & Midwife Support Nutrition newsletter. Food, eating and nutrition are a big part of life and essential to well-being.

Recipe Competition

Win great prizes including cookware and food vouchers by submitting your delicious recipes! We are looking for easy to prepare, healthy meals or snacks that get you through even the toughest of shifts.

Eating Disorders

When does normal nutrition become an eating disorder? Nurses and midwives know the value of healthy nutrition, but even health professionals can become obsessive about body image and what they consume. This behaviour pattern can develop into an eating disorder.

Work, Life and Mental Illness with Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell lives with bipolar disorder — a common, but often misunderstood, mental illness. In this podcast, Sarah discusses the importance of health promotion, early intervention and staying well with a stay-well plan.