As a nurse or midwife, navigating the health care system as a patient can feel difficult. Being familiar with the healthcare system while you are receiving treatment may create particular concerns and stressors that other patients with a cancer diagnosis don’t experience.

If you are a nurse, midwife or student living and working with cancer the chances are that you will need specific support. If you would like to chat to someone, you can call our confidential support line 24/7 on 1800 667 877.
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Living and working with cancer

Whatever stage your cancer journey is at, chances are you have experienced some of the greatest challenges of your life. These may have included confronting your own mortality, contemplating grief and loss, supporting people who are important in your life and experiencing your own vulnerability. 

Life as you know it may have changed dramatically requiring you to make some major alterations. However, there are lots of resources and strategies available to help support you through this time.

Strategies to assist you

If you have cancer you may like to consider the following strategies to help keep you positive and reinforce your health as much as possible 

  • taking time off work
  • discussing your diagnosis and treatment plan with your manager
  • reviewing your roster and work hours
  • discussing your diagnosis with colleagues who could offer you support
  • accessing your organisation’s employee assistance program
  • talking to your human resources department; some health services offer a sick leave bank
  • reviewing your diet (this resource from the Cancer Council has some great tips)
  • thinking about ways to optimise sleep and rest
  • joining a support group
  • learning meditation and mindfulness, which can assist with lowering your stress and anxiety levels
  • discussing the benefits of an exercise plan with your doctor
  • accessing counselling, and 
  • keeping a journal to provide an outlet for your feelings.
What can I do next?

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Our service provides free and confidential support 24/7, to nurses, midwives and students Australia wide. If you would like to speak to someone call 1800 667 877, or you can request support via email.

If you would like to know a bit more about the service before getting in contact — take a look through accessing support.

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