A podcast series where nurses and midwives discuss the issues that matter to our community.
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Episode Guide

nms podcast episode 23

Life phases and career transition with Maddi Munro, Brown and Helen Pentecost

Episode: 23
Guests: Maddi Munro, Elle Brown and Helen Pentecost
Duration: 44:14
Tags: Career transitions, Life phases, Careers
SoundCloud: Episode 23: Life phases with Maddi Munro, Elle Brown and Helen Pentecost


episode 22Story competition winners podcast 2: Caring, a mutual and collective experience of Nurses by Tessa Moriarty

Tessa is one of the two amazing winners of this year’s Nurse & Midwife Support Story Competition. Her story really struck a cord with all of the judges we hope you enjoy listening to it! Read more

Episode: 22
Guest: Tessa Moriarty
Duration: 24:15
Tags: Story competition winner, Nurses
SoundCloud: Episode 22 Caring, a mutual and collective experience of Nurses by Tessa Moriarty



episode 21Story competition winners podcast 1: B & Me: A graduate midwife's story with Frankie Finch

Frances’ story is one of two winners for our International Year of the Nurse and Midwife Story Competition. Her story will resonate with so many nurses and midwives we hope you enjoy it! Read more

Episode: 21
Guest: Frankie Finch
Duration: 24:15s
Tags: Story competition winner, Midwivess
SoundCloud: Episode 21 B & Me: A graduate midwife's story with Frankie Finch



burnout podcast

Burnout and beyond with Athol Hann

Burnout is something that many nurses and midwives experience in their career. In this episode we talk to Athol Hann, a registered nurse, about his experience of burnout, what he did to move past it, and what others can do to avoid it. Read more.

Episode: 20
Guests: Athol Hann
Duration: 43.13
Tags: Exercise, Burnout
SoundCloud: Episode 20 Burnout and beyond with Athol Hann


exercise and physical activity podcast

Exercise and physical activity with Liz Hewett

“If exercise was a supplement or a pill it would be a worldwide bestseller,” says Liz Hewett, an exercise physiologist and this episodes podcast guest! Read more.

Episode: 19
Guests: Liz Hewett
Duration: 49:48
Tags: Exercise, Staying Healthy
SoundCloud: Episode 19 Exercise and physical activity with Liz Hewett


discussing suicide podcast

Discussing Suicide with Jon Tyler and Paul McNamara

Suicide and suicidality are difficult topics that touch the lives of most healthcare workers. In this podcast we discuss the issue of suicide among nurses and midwives with social worker Jon Tyler and Mental Health Nurse Paul McNamara, including contributing factors and what to do if you suspect a friend or colleague is at risk. Read more

Episode: 18
Guests: Jon Tyler and Paul McNamara
Duration: 58:53
Tags: Suicide, Mental Health
SoundCloud: Episode 18 Discussing Suicide with Jon Tyler and Paul McNamara


episode 17

Resilience - Your health matters! with Kim Foster

Resilience is a complex dynamic concept, consisting of many factors. To enhance our understanding I recorded a podcast with Professor Kim Foster. Kim is an internationally recognised mental health nurse academic, researcher and educator widely published in resilience, mental health and psychosocial health research. Read more.

Episode: 17
Guest: Professor Kim Foster
Duration: 42:24
Tags: Resilience, Covid-19
SoundCloud: Episode 17 with Professor Kim Foster


episode 16

Death, dying & grief with Lea McInerery and Carole Arbuckle

Nurses and Midwives aren’t immune from the effects of grief, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Mark discusses those effects with guests Lea McInerery and Carole Arbuckle in this new episode of our podcast. Read more.


Episode: 16
Guests: Lea McInerney and Carole Arbuckle
Duration: 42:29
Tags: Death, Dying, Grief
SoundCloud: Episode 16 with Lea McInerney and Carole Arbuckle


Dealing with stress in a crisis with Sam Eddy

Mark Aitken discusses the prospect of COVID-19 with Mental Health First Aid expert Sam Eddy. They talk about the importance of acknowledging emotional and physical responses to stress when crisis occurs and how to implement strategies in response. Read more.

Episode: 15
Guest: Sam Eddy
Duration: 33.54
Tags: Managing stress
SoundCloud: Episode 15 with Sam Eddy


2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife — Jackie and Helen’s Stories

You loved Jackie and Helen’s stories, so we asked them to join us on the podcast to celebrate nursing, midwifery, and their inspiring careers. Read more.


Episode: 14
Guest: Jackie Shaw and Helen Pentecost
Duration: 31.15
Tags: 2020 Year of the Nuse & Midwife
SoundCloud: Episode 14 with Jackie Shaw and Helen Pentecost


The Importance of Kindness with Zoe Youl and Elle Brown

In our Summer podcast, we discuss all things kindness with Zoe Youl and Elle Brown and why this very important human quality matters to nurses and midwives. Read more.


Episode: 13
Guest: Zoe Youl and Elle Brown
Duration: 45.09
Tags: Kindness
SoundCloud: Episode 13 with Zoe Youl and Elle Brown


Work, Life and Mental Illness with Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell lives with bipolar disorder - a common, but often misunderstood, mental illness. Sarah discusses the importance of health promotion, early intervention & staying well. Read more.


Episode: 12
Guest: Sarah Russell
Duration: 37.45
Tags: Mental illness
SoundCloud: Episode 12 with Sarah Russell


Nutrition, procrastination and making a change with Dianne Wintle

Accredited Practising Dietitian Dianne Wintle discusses her own journey with food and weight loss, which led to a later-in-life career change to Dietetics. Read more.


Episode: 11
Guest: Dianne Wintle
Duration: 29.34
Tags: Nutrition, Dietitian, Healthy eating
SoundCloud: Episode 11 with Dianne Wintle


Sleep and Shift Work with Amy Benn

Amy Benn is the Registered Nurse & Director of Wholeheart Magazine and shares her advice and tips on how she manages good sleep and shift work. Read more.


Episode: 10
Guest: Amy Benn
Duration: 30.37
Tags: Shift work, Well-being, Amy Benn
SoundCloud: Episode 10 with Amy Benn


naidoc week 2019

NAIDOC Week 2019 with Catherine Chamberlain & Tanisha Edwards

Nurse & Midwife Support celebrates NAIDOC Week (7─14 July) and acknowledges the important work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses and midwives. Read more.


Episode: 9
Guests: Catherine Chamberlain & Tanisha Edwards
Duration: 28.59
Tags: NAIDOC Week, Aboriginal Health Worker, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses and midwives
SoundCloud: Episode 9 with Catherine Chamberlain & Tanisha Edwards


Your career matters! with Nicole Nash-Arnold & Sue Walker

Many nurses and midwives contact Nurse & Midwife Support seeking support to make a career change, planning their career or transitioning to retirement. Read more.


Episode: 8
Guests: Nicole Nash-Arnold & Sue Walker
Duration: 28.59
Tags: Career transition, Career development, Careers
SoundCloud: Episode 8 with Nicole Nash-Arnold & Sue Walker


Students & Graduates Special with Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans, Director of Nursing at St John of God Berwick Hospital talks about the challenges that students and graduates face. Lisa also gives tips for thriving in the early years of your career. Read more.


Episode: 7
Guest: Lisa Evans
Duration: 28.59
Tags: Professional development, Student nurses
SoundCloud: Episode 7 with Lisa Evans


Planning for your career with ACM CEO Ann Kinnear

Australian College of Midwives CEO Ann Kinnear discusses self-care, career transition, and why planning for different stages of your career can be empowering. Read more.


Episode: 6
Guest: ACM CEO, Ann Kinnear
Duration: 26.12
Tags: Career, Self-care, Professional development, Career transition
SoundCloud: Episode 6 with ACM CEO Ann Kinnear


Key Skills for Nurses with ACN CEO Kylie Ward

Australian College of Nursing CEO Kylie Ward discusses self-care and resilience as a key skill for nurses, including tips for thriving as a student, graduate, or nurse. Read more.


Episode: 5
Guest: ACN CEO, Kylie Ward
Duration: 29.47
Tags: Self-care, Tips for student nurses
SoundCloud: Episode 5 with Kylie Ward ACN CEO


The Importance of Practicing Self Care with The Evolve Yourself Institute

Marie Louise and Kerrie Otto de Grancy from Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI) discuss the importance of self-care for nurses, midwives & students. Read more.


Episode: 4
Guests: Marie Louise & Kerrie Otto de Grancy from Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI)
Duration: 28.47
Tags: Self-care, Mindfulness, Meditation, Reflection, Growth
SoundCloud: Episode 4 with The Evolve Yourself Institute


The Mindful Nurse with Lucinda Jones van-Buuren

The Mindful Nurse Lucinda Jones van-Buuren discusses how practicing mindfulness can assist nurses and midwives. Read more.


Episode: 3
Guest: Lucinda Jones van-Buuren
Duration: 29.25
Tags: Mindfulness, Well-being, Self-care
SoundCloud: Episode 3 with Lucinda Jones van-Buuren


Your mental health matters with Nurse & Midwife Support

In this podcast, Registered Nurses from Nurse & Midwife Support discuss how important the mental health of nurses, midwives and students is. Read more.


Episode: 2
Guests: Nurse & Midwife Support Registered Nurses Anne and Sonya
Duration: 29.37
Tags: Mental Health
SoundCloud: Episode 2 with Nurse & Midwife Support


Thriving in midwifery and nursing with Nurse & Midwife Support

A podcast talking about all things thriving in nursing and midwifery. Read more.


Episode: 1
Guest Speakers: Sam Eddy, Dianne Lee, Mark Aitken
Duration: 44.10
Tags: Self-care, Well-being, Nurse & Midwife Support
SoundCloud: Episode 1 with Nurse and Midwife Support