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Mark Aitken
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Welcome to the Spring 2019 edition of the Nurse & Midwife Support Nutrition newsletter.

The team at Nurse & Midwife Support give a lot of thought to each edition and this one has been no exception.

Many of our team contribute to our newsletters. When I put the call out for contributions for this edition I had lots of offers. Who doesn’t enjoy talking about food! Food, eating and nutrition are a big part of life and essential to well-being.

I meet lots of nurses and midwives on my travels as I promote the service. Inevitably I get tips about where to eat and regional produce that I must try. I have received great food tips and exchanged recipes and Victorian cafe tips.

Competition Launch

We love hearing from you and sharing your feedback so we thought we would start collecting recipes and food tips and share them to support busy nurses and midwives. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to launch our first ever competition – we are looking for healthy, simple and delicious recipes that help get you through even the toughest of shifts.

My mother taught me to cook, and it has been a lifelong passion. I love to cook, share recipes and discuss ingredients. I grow many of my own vegetables and find joy in preparing these for a meal shared with family and friends.

This edition

In this edition we have a blog from Celeste, a member of our team who shares her passion for good nutrition and how this has become a committed lifestyle choice inspired by her father.

Dianne Lee another member of our team worked with people with eating disorders and provides insights into the complexity of eating disorders and shares her wisdom about how they are managed.

You may have listened to my podcast with Dianne Wintle, a dietician with a Master of Health Science whose research centred around procrastination, stress and obesity in nurses. This research lead to a book that includes nutrition tips and some great recipes. Dianne also wrote this article which discusses willpower, food and joy. She shares advice on overcoming unhealthy eating habits and provides tips for good nutrition and reminds us that cooking can provide joy.

I hope this edition of our newsletter brings you joy. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to enter our competition, I can’t wait to try all of the recipes! Who knows, it may lead to the Nurse & Midwife Support cookbook!

Mark Aitken RN
Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Nurse & Midwife Support