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Elaina Mullery
Elaina Mullery started The Happy Nurse podcast series to support fellow nurses to identify the early signs to reduce burnout. She explains her journey and shares insights on how to identify if you are at risk of burnout and strategies to deal with it.

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The Happy Nurse is a podcast for nurses by a nurse on a mission to reduce burnout and ensure nurses and midwives have access to resources that support them. 

Cover of The Happy Nurse podcastMy name is Elaina Mullery. I produce the Happy Nurse podcast to support nurses and midwives. It is a free mental health resource for Nurses and Midwifes Internationally. Each episode highlights a different self-care concept and provides insights by a guest who is an expert in their field. There are a wide variety of topics covered and I do not shy away from sensitive topics. Episodes are published fortnightly.

I started The Happy Nurse podcast during the first lockdown last year. I am based in Western Australia, so I have been very sheltered from COVID-19 compared to my old colleagues back in Scotland and over in the eastern states of Australia. Last April when I was stood down for 4 weeks, I nearly got on a flight back to Scotland to help, but the reality was that I couldn’t. I am a Mum and my boys needed me here.  Instead, I launched the podcast to help my nursing colleagues internationally with their self-care through this difficult time. 

Nurses and Midwives are the backbone of healthcare — always there to care for a stranger as if they were their own, sometimes forsaking special moments with their own loved ones to ensure that another family’s loved one is being cared for.  

Nursing is a career of polarities. It is rewarding yet challenging, fulfilling yet frustrating, exhausting yet encouraging. One day you come in and you have a great shift and the next day you’re deflated and broken.

These polarities can play havoc on your mental health and burnout can slowly creep into your life. 

Burnout Prevention

Burnout has three components:

  • exhaustion
  • negativity
  • reduced professional effectiveness

It affects the quality of care you deliver and your professional and personal relationships. 

In 2019, cases of burnout in nurses reached 40%. Who knows how many cases there might be now that the COVID pandemic is putting on all health care workers? 

I have experienced burnout myself, twice, early in my career.  It was the second burnout episode that led me to a counsellor’s office where I discovered a passion for personal development after experiencing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This led me to study Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling. 

Infographic showing the journey from Happy Nurse to Burnt Out

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I created this Infographic to help you work out where you are on the journey from being a Happy Nurse, to being a Burnt out Nurse.  If you would like to explore burnout prevention further and learn some simple but effective strategies to help you be a Happy Nurse, check out my free online course, How To Prevent Burnout – Tools and Strategies for Nurses.  The course is worth 0.75 CPD and includes a free guided meditation download. 

Remember to offer yourself the same compassion that you so freely give to others.

Nurse & Midwife Support’s own Mark Aitken joined Elaina on the Happy Nurse podcast to celebrate International Nurse’s Day. Check out the episode to learn more about the importance of self-care and receiving support. 

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