Service snapshot – who is calling Nurse & Midwife Support and why?

Since the launch of Nurse & Midwife Support, we have received a range of calls and emails from nurses, midwives, managers, employers and students right across Australia. Confidentiality is an important part of what we do, so we would never share identifiable information, but this service snapshot provides some general examples of the types of contact we have received.

To give you an insight into our first few weeks of service, we have spoken to some of our counsellors, who are all registered nurses or midwives, to explore some of the topics they have been assisting with. Here is what they told us.

NMS Counsellor

Who are we hearing from?

Since the launch of the service on March 8th, we have been contacted by nurses and midwives from a range of backgrounds, locations and areas of the profession. Types of contact have included:

  • Long serving nurses and midwives curious about the service, and excited to hear that a support of this kind is available
  • Nurses and midwives seeking support after experiencing stressful events at work
  • Managers of services that want to know more about us, and request information packs so they can promote the service within their workplace
  • Students concerned about their performance on a placement and what this means for their future nursing or midwifery career
  • Nurses and midwives seeking support due to bullying in the workplace
  • Nurses and midwives who were recommencing their careers after a period of recovery, contacting our counsellors to reflect on how they are feeling and seek some support
  • Management from regional health services wishing to utilise the service for staff who are currently experiencing difficulty in accessing health support.
How are people hearing about us?

People have heard about us in many different ways. Some people have heard about us in the media or industry publications that have covered the launch. Others have found our website or social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Many workplaces across the country have sent out information in newsletters and other staff communication letting their nursing and midwifery workforces know that additional support is available.

How are the counsellors feeling?

A resounding message from all the counsellors we spoke to is that they are really enjoying the experience, and are excited about helping their colleagues.

A lot of the people we are talking to are really happy that when they call, they get to speak to a nurse or midwife. This is very important to many, because they know that we understand how they are feeling and the pressures of the profession.

Whether you have an ongoing health issue or have had a tough day and need to find a way to debrief we are here for you – so if you need a hand why not call or email today?