9th September is R U OK? day.

In 2009 Gavin Larkin asked one question to honour his father who died because of suicide.

The simple and important question that became a movement and the birth of the R U OK? organisation:

"Are you OK?"



R U OK? is a national Conversation Movement that is equipping Australians with the skills and confidence to support those struggling with life.

Nurse & Midwife Support is committed to supporting this movement and ensuring nurses, midwives and students have access to support and a nurse and or midwife on our phone lines who will ask you R U OK?

Support is available 24/7 no matter where you are in Australia 1800 667 877 or via our website www.nmsupport.org.au. Support is anonymous, confidential, and free.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the lives of nurses, midwives and students many are on edge, hypervigilant, fatigued, stressed and anxious. It’s exhausting to be in a constant state of readiness and on a frontline for 18 months! Many nurses and midwives report they are not OK.

An anonymous nurse has written a heartfelt and touching piece about the impact of working as a nurse during the pandemic, in which they admit: COVID-19 has made me question my career.

I’m sure they are not alone.

I want every nurse, midwife, and student to know that it is OK not to be OK and at Nurse & Midwife Support we are available for support.

R U OK? have resources to support you to ask the important question R U OK? While you are at it, we recommend you ask yourself: Am I OK?

You may be concerned about a colleague friend, neighbour, or family member. There are resources available to assist you to ask the question and what to do next.

The R U Ok? Message this year is “Are they really OK? Ask them today.”


Now more than ever it is vital to check that everyone is OK — because, let’s face it, there are a lot more stresses than usual to not feel OK about. That’s why we recently devoted the entire issue of our Winter 2021 newsletter to Support. Check it out to find resources that work for you.

If you are a nurse, midwife or student and you aren’t OK, don’t wait, reach out for support now! We’re here.

1800 667 877


Your health REALLY does matter!