Nurse & Midwife Support on the road

Mark Aitken
Since the launch of the service earlier this year, I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of inspiring nurses, midwives and students across Australia. It has been a privilege hearing tales of struggle, courage and triumph.
Where we have been

Since our launch, we have visited every state in Australia! On our travels, we have attended lots of conferences and workplaces, promoting the service and taking your feedback on board.

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What you are saying:


We are listening!

Rest assured we are listening to everything you are telling us, and we are using your feedback to continuously improve the service. With four newsletter editions each year, we are going to be covering a wide range of topics, and we welcome any feedback and input, which you can submit here.

This issue focuses on stress, as we have heard from many of you that you are feeling stressed, both professionally and personally, and could do with some more support.

Passionate nurses and midwives

Just like you, I am extremely passionate about Nurse & Midwife Support. As a registered nurse, I understand the pressing need for this service for nurses, midwives and students. I received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the service during my visits. It is a great peace of mind knowing that the service is available to us whenever we need it, and we hope it is improving the wellbeing of people who access our service.

I am grateful for the support and interest of those I have met, and I look forward to meeting many more nurses, midwives and students as I continue my visits throughout Australia in the coming months.

I encourage you to please spread the word of Nurse & Midwife Support to colleagues, friends and family where possible.

If you have any feedback or would like to request a visit to your workplace, please contact me at [email protected]. You can also order promotional materials by emailing [email protected].

Look after yourself and your colleagues,

Mark Aitken

Stakeholder Engagement Manager