A letter to midwives

Cassandra Jovic
To the wonderful midwives who helped me bring my precious child into the world, I thank you!

Newborn baby and mum


Almost 4 years ago my husband and I headed into the maternity suite, excited but terrified about what was happening and what was to come.

It was not an easy birth (I know they rarely are) it was long and hard, we spent a whole day with you, cycling through 4 shifts before our precious bundle arrived.

But all of you looked after us with a calm and wise dignity I could only hope to achieve.

At the time I didn’t know that just a few years later I would be able to express some of my gratitude to the amazing people who make up this profession by being part of Nurse & Midwife Support. It is amazing having this opportunity to give back to a group that have given so much too so many.

I know for many of you what you do is not only a job but a passion. I also know that this profession can be hard on your body and your soul.

I have seen the toll it can take. Babies seem to come at the most inconsiderate hours and in awkward positions and yet you always catch them.

While the highs can be euphoric, the lows must leave their mark: looking after us when it doesn’t go how we hoped, and caring for the mothers and families of babies that didn’t make it. The impact you have on us will be with us forever.

So from a very passionate cheerleader of midwives everywhere please can I urge you that you take the time to look after yourselves as well as you look after us.

Rest, rejuvenate, hydrate, fuel your body and soul – exercise, eat well, sleep when you can, meditate, find a hobby – do whatever works for you. We care about you, just as you care about us.

Now I am about to have my second baby and I know that however this birth turns out there will be strong wonderful midwives by my side helping me through.

So please let us help you, whenever you need us – we are here to support you!

Cassandra Jovic is the Social Media and Online Communications Officer at Nurse & Midwife Support. She helps look after our website, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages. She is passionate about helping nurses, midwives and students look after their health.

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