Happy International Nurses Day from Nurse & Midwife Support

Mark Aitken
2020 as designated by World Health Organization (WHO) is The Year of the Nurse and Midwife. As we have each year since we launched, Nurse & Midwife Support joins the celebrations.

The theme for 2020, Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Nursing the World to Health, shows how nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges. 20 million plus nurses and our supporters around the world come together to celebrate the incredible work nurses do. When ICN chose this theme, they couldn’t have known how prophetic it would be. That on the 12th May while celebrating and acknowledging the important work of nurses we would be amid a global pandemic- COVID-19 with nurses globally nursing the world to health.

nurses in action

On the frontline

Nurses are the backbone of the health care, aged care and community sectors. Always at the frontline when times get tough. We are vital to the quality care and service of those requiring care. This in itself is cause for celebration. However, this year we have much more to THANK nurses for. We are a part of the brigade of #healthcareheros.

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic nurses have sprung into action. A global spotlight has highlighted the breadth and complexity of the work we do and elevated our noble profession.

We have heard of countless acts of incredible sacrifices and contributions ensuring that those needing care receive it no matter what. During these challenging times it’s more important than ever to celebrate significant events such as IDN.

Celebrating milestones

At Nurse & Midwife Support we love to celebrate key milestones. Our achievements unite us, foster our team spirit and promote fun and laughter. Key ingredients for our wellbeing. At the monthly professional development day for our team, we celebrate with a cake or a treat. An acknowledgement of gratitude and gesture of kindness.cake

A team member volunteers to bring cake or a treat and we gather to celebrate our achievements. While adhering to the physical distancing requirement, we are celebrating with virtual treats, stories and sharing cake recipes.

This year a dear friend baked my favourite chocolate tart as a token of thanks and gratitude for my many years of nursing service. I was deeply touched. I’m hearing examples of recognition of nurses from far and wide. Acts of kindness, gratitude and expressions of THANKS for the incredible work that nurses do every day. The images of communities clapping, singing, cheering, providing care packs to show appreciation have been humbling.

In it together

Nurse & Midwife Support can’t be at a physical event this year because of COVID-19 social distancing requirements, but we can have a virtual celebration and say THANK YOU remembering we’re-all-in-this-together.

On this special day, Nurse & Midwife Support acknowledges the important and vital work that nurses do every day.

Thank You

We have admiration and gratitude for the work you do caring for and supporting those you care for and each other often in challenging circumstances.

we hear you we see you we thank you

Your agility, responsiveness and dedication to continue to care no matter what is indeed cause for celebration.

Our gift to you

Our gift to you on this significant day is a reminder that YOUR self-care is important because YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.

Extra Resources
Pause and reflect

Whatever you do to celebrate - ENJOY. Take time to pause, reflect and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Remember we’re-all-in-this-together and we are here 24/7 to SUPPORT YOU.

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