Budget conscious self-care

T. Vella
We understand that sometimes the budget won’t allow for expensive self-care activities, or it simply may not be something you feel comfortable doing. Balancing your finances can be stressful, and the aim of self-care is to reduce stress.


Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive; we have some affordable suggestions on how to look after yourself without hurting your budget.

You could try:

  • Yoga or gym session instructional videos – there are loads online, including on YouTube. They are free and you can do them without leaving the house.

  • If you regularly drink coffee, the costs can add up. Using a percolator or coffee bags end up being much cheaper per cup. This also saves you lining up during your tea breaks, giving you more time for activities such as walking or sitting in a park.

  • Invest in an all-in-one cooking appliance and make your food in bulk – convenience foods are expensive and usually full of nasties. While this can feel like a big one-off expense, over time it can really save you time and money.

  • Want to unwind with a massage but don’t want to spend half a shift’s wages? Search online for local education providers that teach massage or myotheraphy. They usually offer massages by students for a fraction of the price.

  • Try a free meditation or relaxation app – you can engage in self-care with these anywhere and anytime for nothing!

  • Feel like going to the day spa but don’t have a spare $300? Try making your own scrub and facial. There are loads of recipes online which can be made with the contents of your fridge/pantry.

  • Read a book. We know the costs of books can add up, or perhaps you struggle to relax enough to read. Try visiting the library – the books are free and the environment is quiet, calm and relaxing.

  • Take a nap or go to bed early – you can make this even better by changing your sheets and washing them with a few drops of essential oils.

  • Search online for free and local events. Getting out of the house can be great for your mood.

  • Make your own eye pillow - everyone has odd socks – turn them into an eye pillow by filling it with barley and a few drops of essential oils then tie a knot in the end. You can heat them in the microwave (Just make sure you wash them first).

We hope you like these ideas and that they inspire you to enjoy self-care without breaking the bank. Remember these are just some tips to get you started; we encourage you to brainstorm ideas you think would work for you.

We would love to hear your ideas; you can share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or through our contact us page.

If you would like to speak to someone about self-care options that would work for you, or any other topic call 1800 667 877, or you can request support via email.