Happy 6th Birthday Nurse & Midwife Support!

We celebrate 6 years of supporting nurses and midwives.


Nurse & Midwife Support is 6 years old! For 6 years, we have provided support for nurses, midwives and students across the nation.

The steady growth in phone calls and emails over six years has been powered by nurses and midwives! Nurses and midwives all over Australia have helped us spread the word through stakeholder engagement, social media, professional associations, universities and of course, word of mouth. You’ve been looking after your colleagues by making sure they know we’re here for them.

Your calls and emails collectively have shaped the service. You’ve told us what nurses and midwives and students are interested in hearing, reading and learning about. You’ve helped us spread the word that Your Health Matters. It has been a privilege to hear your stories and provide you with support, referral pathways and resources.

So what’s been happening this year?

Resources for nurses and midwives

Let’s take some time to look back and highlight some of the wonderful resources that we have shared in the last year to help you make your health and wellbeing a priority:

Breathing and self-awareness practices: We partnered with the Evolve Yourself Institute to bring new exercises to add to your self-care toolkit.

We’re proud of the resources we’ve created or collected to support you as you navigate life as a nurse or midwife! If you’d like more support we’re here any time — call 1800 667 877.

Are you interested in mentorship for new graduates?

The support of an experienced colleague can help new nurses and midwives navigate the early years of their careers more smoothly. This year we are introducing the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program for New Graduates to help connect new grads with experienced mentors. If you’re a new grad or experienced clinician interested in participating in the program, learn more here!

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Remember, Nurse & Midwife Support is here to support all graduates and will continue to grow our service for many years to come.

Get competitive with Nurse & Midwife Support’s photo competition

We know many nurses and midwives enjoy a little friendly competition, so we’re asking you to let your ambitious side out in the Nurse & Midwife Support 6th birthday photo competition! 

Competition: Celebrate Nurse & Midwife Supports 6th birthday (win a prize!)

To celebrate our 6th birthday, we’re asking you to send in a photo of yourself when you were about six, and a photo of you now! You’ll go into the running to win a wellbeing hamper. The hamper includes a beautiful candle, white marble coasters, rock salt and grater set, English breakfast tea with cup, hand wash and a tea towel! We’ll share the photos with the Nurse & Midwife Support community to show how we’ve all grown into the professional nurse and midwives we are today.


Find out more and submit your photos here.

Check out the winners of our previous competition: Celebrating the friendships of nurses and midwives

In 2022 we ran a story competition about your important friendships. Thank you for all your entries. It was wonderful to hear all the amazing stories celebrating the friendship of a peer who understands the complexity of your work. They were heartfelt, poignant and joyful. The winners joined us on the Nurse & Midwife Support podcast to chat about their stories. Check out the winning entries and these affirming episodes!

Spread the word

If you love what we do, tell all your friends and colleagues that we are here to support them. We have a range of materials that you can print. You can download our promotional resources to put in your tea rooms. You never know when someone you know might need some support.

Thank you to our community for all your support over the last 6 years. You have been an integral part of helping us develop new resources and sharing the message that Your Health Matters. We are so proud to deliver this service and are looking forward to delivering it for many years to come.

Reach out

Remember, if you need a hand or are struggling, we are always here for you.

The present brings the challenge of workforce shortages, post-pandemic assessment of work/life balance and a new group of graduates starting their careers with equal parts uncertainty and hope. If you need to talk about how your wellbeing is influenced by your work remember that we’re here for you. You can access this free, confidential, national service 24/7: call 1800 667 877 or email us.

Happy Birthday Nurse and Midwife Support!