Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online provides anonymous, free, confidential advice and counselling for people affected by gambling-related harm.

Gambling Help Online (GHO) complements and increases the range of services available in responding to problem gambling issues. It provides Australians with a new opportunity to access counselling and information services when they are unable or reluctant to access face-to-face services provided in each jurisdiction.

Informed by extensive research and expert advice GHO provides:

  • free 24/7 chat and email counselling and support services
  • professional counsellors with expertise in problem gambling and online services
  • a stepping stone for further help-seeking, including telephone and face-to-face gambling services
  • extensive website content, self-help information and weblinks for additional support.
Services provided
  • Chat counselling
  • Email support
  • Online forums
  • Self help modules
  • Self-assessment
  • SMS support
  • Recovery stories
  • Fact sheets
  • Online blog, news and articles.