Family Drug Help VIC

Family Drug Help (FDH) provides a specialist service to support family members and friends who are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol and other drug use.

Family Drug Help (FDH) is a service designed specifically to address the support and information needs of parents, other family members and significant others of someone with problematic alcohol or other drug use. Family Drug Help aims to strengthen clients’ physical and mental health and their ability to cope with a very difficult situation. People with personal experience of the effects of alcohol or other drug use within their family or friendship group are involved at all levels of the service.


Services provided
  • 24/7 telephone support, advice, information and referral
  • Psycho-educational courses
  • Face-to-face peer support groups
  • Family counselling
  • Ice education courses
  • Sibling Support
How to access
1300 660 068