CRANAplus Bush Support Services

Toll free 24hr Telephone Counselling every day of the year for ALL remote health workers/service providers and their families

CRANAplus exists to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality primary healthcare to remote and isolated areas of Australia. CRANAplus provides education, support and professional services, while representing the remote health sector Australia-wide.

CRANAplus Bush Support Services provides a free telephone counselling, debriefing, psychological intervention and support service to rural and remote area health professionals and their families. Due to isolation, remote area health professionals chronically face high levels of occupational stress.

If you require on-going support, Bush Support Service psychologists can offer you structured, regular support with the same psychologist

Services provided
  • 24/7 telephone support, advice, information and referral
  • Email counselling
  • Specialised remote support
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island specific support
How to access
1800 805 391