Australian Pain Management Association (APMA)

APMA provides advice, assistance and advocacy as the voice of Australians living with chronic pain.

The APMA aims to enhance the wellbeing of all Australians living with chronic pain through guided pain management. The APMA works with governments, health clinicians, researchers and the community generally to deliver evidence-based pain management services and ameliorate the personal and economic impact for people living with severe pain. APMA provides a range of support to members, supporters and the general community. These include the Pain Link telephone helpline, a national network of Pain Support Groups, and a wide range of education and training programs for people living with pain, their families and people working in the health and community sectors.

Services provided
  • Telephone helpline
  • A national network of pain support groups
  • Online research and publications
  • Fact sheets
How to access
1300 340 357