Express your interest in joining the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program for New Graduates

Are you interested in participating in the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program for New Graduates?
Attention: Nurse or Midwife Mentors and prospective Mentees

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Nurse & Midwife Support (NMS) is a 24/7 national support service for all nurses, midwives and students, no matter where you live and work as a nurse, midwife or are a current nurse or midwife student. We offer confidential support, advice and referral to assist in addressing your stated needs or goals. The service is proudly run by nurses and midwives, for nurses and midwives.  

Nurses and midwives are an integral part of the healthcare system. In recent years, increasing numbers of new nurse and midwife graduates have left the health workforce. NMS has been funded by the Nurse and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to provide a suite of resources to help new graduates succeed in their new roles. 

A key resource will be the Nurse & Midwife Support Mentor Program. This 2-year pilot program will connect new graduates (mentees) with mentors. This program will commence in March 2023. We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from nurses and midwives interested in participating as either a Mentor or Mentee in this exciting enhancement pilot program to NMS, focussed on early career nurses and midwives. 

What does the mentor program involve? 

The mentor program focuses on building nurturing and collaborative relationships to support new graduates during the initial phase of entering the workforce. The program aims to enhance early career wellbeing and connectedness to the profession of nursing and midwifery, aimed at improving satisfaction and retention which will help us maintain a stable and strong nursing and midwifery workforce across Australia. In the pilot phase, we will seek to evaluate and provide an evidence-based mentor program that is suited for the Australian health landscape via a sustainable online program.


  • Attending Mentor training which includes the support structure and processes for mentors, understanding regulatory frameworks, active listening, reflective practise and cultural safety.
  • Introductory meeting between mentors and mentees.
  • Ongoing feedback via interview and surveys
  • Mentors will be recognised for their contribution and role, by involvement in research papers.
  • Access to online training for free via Turning Point – part of Eastern Health.
  • Regular check-ins with NMS and Turning Point staff.


  • Develop goals with mentors within their professional practise, to feel supported and able to deal with adapting to new workplaces and various communication styles of leaders, compliance, regulatory, professional and clinical issues. 
  • Mentees will attend introductory meeting with mentors 
  • Evaluating the program.
What do mentors require?

Mandatory requirements for mentors

Desirable requirements for mentors

  • Relevant expertise or knowledge as a nursing leader (not necessarily a manager)
  • Lifelong learner
  • Previous mentoring or teaching experience may be an advantage 
How to express your interest


If you are interested in giving back to the profession by providing support to new graduate nurses or midwives please contact Kasia via email:


If you are a new graduate (within 12 months of graduation) who is entering the professions and would like to receive advice, skill development, or guidance from an experienced or skilled mentor please contact Kasia via email:

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